Like so many people I know, 3 years ago I was a juggler - juggling an architectural career, a work-away husband, children, dogs, a barn conversion and a horrendously grieving family.  And although I survived it, my emotions were in a big mess.  Everything was out of sync.  I couldn't sleep, I wasn't eating properly, my inner happiness level was zero.  I was spinning so many plates that my own plate never got a look-in.  I knew I had to completely simplify my life in order to prioritise the things that were most important to me.  So I gave away my business of 19 years, got rid of lots of useless baggage and freed up some space in my mind & body. 


Following this was a long period of feeling lost.  My confidence was bashed, my identity was in crisis.  The only things that got me through the most awful of times were my children and my love of walking.  So I walked, and thought and processed things.  If I felt anxious, I would walk.  If everything seemed too much, I would walk.  And eventually I started to see things clearly.  The results were so wonderful I developed a walking route to raise money for the queen we had recently lost and hoped it would encourage others take time out too. And people came along and as we walked we chatted, and laughed and drank and realised that actually most people are a little bit the same.  Life is just so busy, we forget to slow down and take time out to just stop, reflect and be. 

Seeing first hand the powerful results of what a long walk with good company could achieve, and people always asking when the next one was, I began experimenting with nature based retreats.  The 1st one being with 5 friends in yurts on the edge of Lake Windermere.   The day was structured and perfectly planned so no-one had to think about anything other than being.  We laughed, we swam naked, we cycled, walked, meditated, had workshops & generally lived like queens.  It was just complete magic.  Those 5 ladies, the 'Yurt Girls' are now considered among my closest friends.  We shared everything.  Problems, aspirations, frustrations.  It turns out everyone is a little bit bonkers and everyone has an inner councillor waiting to come out.  The difference today in those ladies is profound.  We have all made life changing decisions that work towards making us happier people.  All stemming from taking time out, being mindful and stopping to listen to ourselves for a while.

Over the next year and a half I continued to strip back everything that was not making me happy and replacing these with things that did.  And once I had a blank page, some actual me time, I had the chance to organise something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember - Wellies & Well-Being.  A break away to walk and talk and be pampered and process yourself.   With a full itinerary of guided walks, handpicked yoga & meditation workshops, daily spa visits, in-house chefs preparing delicious food, nightly hot tubs, fire pits & wild swimming - the balance is simply perfect.  And although future retreats will be across a number of venues, and for different budgets, what better place to start than the most amazing Eden and Avalon in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.  Are you coming along?  It would be great to share the next journey with you x

Sophie Waiting

Really excellent mum

Wellies & Well-Being

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